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Zöhre Hatun is the second wife of Dündar Bey, former Kayı Bey. Although he loves Dündar Bey very much, he becomes a victim of this love.

Personality and life[]

Zöhre Hatun did not have a very good personality. Sometimes Dündar was enticed by the issues related to Osman. Osman Bey did not like it at all.

The early years of Zöhre Hatun are not known and are not shown in the series. Because Dundar Bey was in exile and was not shown in the series at this time, Zöhre Hatun was not shown in the series. Zöhre Hatun is the second wife of Dündar Bey. He had two children from this marriage: Batur Alp and Kulucahisar Gazisi Aygül Hatun.

Zöhre Hatun loves Dündar Bey as her husband. But he later becomes a victim of this love. Zöhre Hatun, shown in the first season, does not sympathize with Osman Gazi, who is the only obstacle in her husband's path. But Dündar Bey is not very distracted, Zöhre Hatun.

The last years of Zöhre Hatun, that is, his state before his death, is shown in the series. He does not like Osman Bey at all. But he looks for reasons for this. As well as Alişar Dündar Bey, Zöhre Hatun was also distracted by his mind. When Osman Bey and Batur Alp come face to face, Osman Bey injures him. This time, Zöhre Hatun feels even more hatred for Osman Bey. Although Batur Alp gets better, his grudge does not pass. When Alişar plays a game and kills Batur Alp and blames Osman, Zöhre Hatun turns mad. He first burns his son, whom he loves more than his life. He cannot believe his son's death like a mother. After that, Batur Alp wants to learn the opinion of Dündar Bey for his revenge. Since Dündar Bey is one with Alisar, Zöhre Hatun becomes one. He cannot know his son's murderer until he dies.

And then a big incident happens. For Dündar, this happens very unexpectedly. Hazal Hatun, the first wife of Dundar Bey, came. Hazal Hatun's life will be a hell for Zöhre Hatun and she is always ready for this. Of course, Bahadur Alp, the child of Dündar and Hazal, also joins the principality and meets with Dündar Bey. Their arrival is the worst of the bad for Zöhre Hatun.


The ideas of Hazal Hatun and Zöhre Hatun contradict from the first days. It contradicts so much that Dündar Bey, who is between the two girls, does not know what to do. Hazal and Zöhre are obsessed with everything. This obsession haunts Dündar. Two chicks do not like each other at all. For this, the ruling of two women in the principality is not one and the fight of the girls is ignited.

A wedding is organized in the Kayı tribe. People become one, enjoy themselves. Everything goes smoothly. People are as cheerful as they are, and they are amazed how everything goes well where Hazal and Zöhre are. And this happiness is worth the evil eye. Hazal gets up and sings all of Zöhre's plays in the square. Thus, Zöhre Hatun added poison to all the meat and meals at the wedding, and with this, the aim was the poisoning and death of all famous tribal people, as well as Osman Bey at the wedding. But that didn't happen. Blood was mixed with the wedding. Blood flowed. Hazal Hatun killed Zöhre Hatun.She killed her with the sword. This incident has been talked about a lot. Nobody could believe it. With this, Hazal Hatun won in the incident between the two girls and made her place in the principality permanent.