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Saru Batu Savcı Bey (died 1287) was the older brother of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. He is known to be the most 'mysterious' of Ertuğrul's children.

Saru Batu Savci Bey in the Resurrection:Ertugrul[]

Savcı Bey was one of the three sons of Ertuğrul Gazi. His mother was Halime Hatun His grandmother was Hayme Hatun and his grandfather was Süleyman Shah. He also had two brothers, Osman I and Gündüz Alp.

Savcı Bey was shown as a baby in previous seasons. In season 5, it has grown and is in adolescence.

He is shown as the middle of the siblings in this series. He has a manly and honest personality who loves his brothers and sisters very much. His name is also mentioned in some bard songs in the series. When the Commander captures all Kayı Tribe to be captured, he is also captured, but he tries to free himself from captivity. At the end, the Savcı Bey is shown as a very combative teenager.

Saru Batu Savci Bey in the Establishment:Osman[]

Season One:[]

Saru Batu Savcı Bey is not shown in the 1st season of the Establishment Osman series. Gündüz Bey appears, but the Savcı Bey is not shown. Ertuğrul Bey is also not shown. It is said that Ertuğrul Bey is in Konya, but the whereabouts of the Savcı Bey are out of question. Audiences and critics have long criticized the absence of Savcı Bey and Ertuğrul Bey.

It has been determined that Kanbolat Görkem Aslan will also play in the TV series Establishment Osman, which made the season finale in August-September. And in the second season, it was confirmed and appeared that Kanbolat Görkem Aslan will play the role of Saru Batu Savcı Bey.

Season Two:[]

Saru Batu Savcı Bey is now visible in the second season and there is nothing unknown. As the middle son, the Savcı Bey has always supported his brothers and declared that he was willing to take his life for them. More than just a warrior, he is a personality that has not compromised his manhood and ingenuity in his youth. Since Kayı Tribe is one of the chiefs and sons of Ertuğrul Bey, he has gained fame. It is seen that he also has a wife this season. His wife's name is Lena Hatun. However, in history, it has been certain that the wife of Saru Batu Savci Bey is the Ana Sultan, that is, Kutlu Melek Hatun. In the following series, what the Savcı Bey will do is discussed.

When Geyhatu arrives, Ertuğrul decides to choose the master of the castle he conquered. Two brothers - Osman Gazi and Saru Batu Savcı Bey, become rivals for the throne. While Osman Gazi thinks he is elected, Saru Batu Savcı Bey is elected. The environment between the two brothers becomes tense as it gets tense.

Before that, Osman Gazi and Saru Batu Savci Bey had fought and had a very bad fight. After that, they fought. Osman pushed the Savcı to the door and the whole camp saw their fight. The prosecutor said to him, "Hey Mashallah, my brother. You fight very well. Power on your wrists." He ensured that the people did not think badly by saying such words. In the series, Savcı Bey is shown as an enemy brother to Osman. But this is not true. Saru Batu's wife, Lena Hatun, tells her story to her eldest Bala Hatun. She has become the daughter of the landlord. When Ertuğrul Bey conquered the castle, they wanted to kill his father. But the Savcı Bey did not give permission. Then as time went on, Lena and the Savcı Bey fell in love and got married.

Then, next to Bala Hatun, she reports that she is pregnant. When Saru Batu Savcı Bey arrives, she takes him to the tent and tells him that she is pregnant. Bala Hatun, who cannot have a child, is very envious and offended by her fate. When Saru Batu and Osman are very tense, Lena Hatun and Bala Hatun do not have a good relationship.

Muzaffereddin Yavlak Arslan, Gündüz Bey, Saru Batu Savcı Bey, Dündar Bey and Aya Nikola began negotiations to end this bad relationship and to stop Osman. Despite all these negotiations, Aya Nikola is not at all thorough. Yavlak Arslan is also a traitor. At the end, the negotiation ends with a fight. There is a fight between Saru Batu Savcı Bey and Aya Nikola. During the fight, a messenger says that Osman Gazi conquered Kulucahisar Castle. All negotiators, along with Aya Nikola, as well as Savcı Bey were destroyed by this news. This negotiation is just a waste of time.

Saru Batu Savcı Bey now understands one thing very well: whatever he does, he will not be able to stop his brother Osman.

Therefore, he negotiated with Dündar Bey and it came to a decision so that Gündüz Bey would take his side, oppose Osman and start the war of the brothers. Saru Batu expresses his purpose with these words: "The blood of the brothers will be shed."

Saru Batu Savci Bey's mind was further distracted by his byzantine wife, Lena Hatun, and made it against the state. Savci Bey was even more overwhelmed with ambition and did not know what he was doing because of his love of duty. For this, he even faces his father. The naive (council) they established ended when Flatyos brought a letter from Geyhatu and Selcan Hatun and Bamsı Beyrek broke the assembly and the principality council ended in defeat and bad luck. After that, Saru Batu Savci Bey became even more angry and was ready to shed brother blood. For this, he brought together his own alps and established an "army" free from Kayı. This "army" serves Savci Bey to become bey. Their only aim is to kill Osman and become a bey. This "army" is now ready to kill Osman. Everything is mixed together. The brothers are ready to shed their own blood. They cannot even unite for Ertugrul Ghazi.

This time, Abdurrahman Gazi comes out of the principality tent and says the worst news with his shaky lips: "Ertuğrul Gazi is giving his last breath!" This time the face of the brothers changes, the Savci is embarrassed, albeit a little. All those in the square are ecstatic, they feel very bad and cannot believe. Selcan Hatun's heart gets sick. But then Gunduz, Savci and Osman enter and see Ertuğrul Gazi, the judge and justice of Kayı. Ertuğrul Gazi, with his great strength and resistance, forgets his illness and sets his eyes on his children: "I am the law and the state here!"

After this, Ertugrul announce a meeting with his beys in which Osman tells Ertugrul about his trap for Nikola. Ertugrul sends Savci and Gunduz for the war but stops Osman. The next day when Savci and Gunduz went for the war. Savci caught Flatyos and Nikola managed to escape .They took Flatyos to the tribe and kept him in the prison tent. The same night Ertugrul died while announcing the new bey of the tribe. The next day the voting is started for the new bey of the tribe, Savci realise that Dundar Bey is betraying him and in full confusion he voted Osman. Osman won the election but he said that restart the election because Dundar bey gave gold to some beys of the tribe to vote him. The election is started again and Savci again give vote to Osman and now Osman is the new Bey of Kayi tribe. Lena was angry at Savci because he voted to Osman , while they were talking a voice came from outside the tent and it was Bayhoca the son of Savci, who later is one of the reason to end the hatred between two brothers. Lena realizes her mistake time by time. Meanwhile Beyhoca once ruined Osman's mission and he was captured by Aya Nikola. Soon, he was released in exchange of Kulucahisar, but it was a trap, and so Osman & his alps re-captured it again, defeating Commander Alexander. Savci becomes furious at his son Beyhoca because he went into the castle without their permission. Furthermore, as time flies by, Beyhoca learns how to be a soldier and scholar at the same time, and Savci becomes happy for that. They decide to fight and defeat Byzantines but Beyhoca meets his end. Savci is devastated by this event. Simultaneously, their new son is borned and named Ertugrul. At the same time, he and Lena kill Flatyos because he couldn't control the fact that the murderer of Beyhoca is still alive.

After some time, he helped Osman Bey in his plans and missions. Slowly, Dundar was exposed, captured shot and met his end just like Beyhoca, and that was what Savci wanted, since because of Dundar, Byzantines found out that they would be ambushed. Savci decides to battle more with his enemies and help Osman Bey win the war, as he is son of Ertugrul Ghazi, little did he know for what fate chose for him. When Savci is about to kill a soldier, Kalanoz (Nikola's commander) stabs and assassinates him. This results in his end and Kayi Tribe mourns for it; Beyhoca has no father now.

In popular culture[]

In the Turkish television series Resurrection:Ertugrul, he is played by the Turkish actor, Kerem Bekişoğlu, and in the sequel to the show, Establishment:Osman, he is played by Kanbolat Görkem Arsalan.

Saru Batu Savcı Bey in history[]

Saru Batu Savcı Bey later married Kutlu Melek Hatun (Ana Sultan), whom with he had two sons, Saruhan Bayhoca who was martyred very young during the Battle in İnegöl in 1284 and Süleyman Bey, who then later married an unknown woman and had a daughter, Hatice Hatun. Hatice got four children after marrying an unknown man, Hamza, Mustafa, Ilaldı and Fatma. Hamza later got a son called Mehmet, Mustafa got a son called Osman, but it is unknown whether Ilaldı and Fatma even got married. He died during the Battle of Domaniç which occurred in 1287 before the founding of the Ottoman Empire. It is also known in ancient Ottoman sources as the Battle of the Twins (Turkish: İkizce Savaşı). The Battle of Domaniç was a major turning point in the founding of the Ottoman Empire. This is why modern Turkish historians consider it the empire's first real war. This is the third Ottoman battle after the Battle in 1284 and the Battle of the Conquest of Karahisar at Tavas in 1285. Sultan Kayqubad I gave Ertuğrul, the village of Söğüt as a winter residence for the Kayı tribe which was warm to them and their animals. He gave them the Domaniç region for when it was cool. Saru Batu Savcı Bey was buried in the village of İkizce in Domaniç, where his grandmother, Ertuğrul's mother, Hayme Ana, was also buried near him in Çarşamba. His tomb was known to people as "Jad Bakr" (Turkish: Bekir'in Dedesi).