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Malhun Hatun is the main female protagonist character alongside Bala Hatun in series Kurulus Osman. Based on Malhun/Mal Hatun, who was the daughter of Omer Bey , First wife of Ottoman Sultan Osman Ghazi and the mother of second Ottoman sultan Orhan , Fatma Hatun and 5 other sons. She is shown as the second wife of Osman Ghazi in Kurulus Osman.


Malhun has more of an assertive personality. She is very dominant when it comes to sword fighting; her fighting skills are on par with many male fighters, and she has the ability to lead a squad in battle. She has a heart of gold,she even forgives Esma who poisoned Orhan. She is shown as the brave lady who has sacrificed all her brothers, cousin sister, and father but still stands with grace and dignity. She has faced losses but plays an influential role in Kayı Obası and is a constant companion to Osman Bey. Mulhun was the first wife of Osman

Malhun Hatun, one of the most important characters in the series, was a character waited by many fans for her appearance due to her historical importance. The 46th episode, which marked her first appearance, was the reason why the show was at the top that day, and her character continues to attract attention.


In Kurulus Osman Series:[]

In Kurulus Osman series, Malhun is the daughter of Ömer Bey, Hanim (Cheif lady) of Bayindir tribe, second wife of Osman I, the mother of Orhan and Fatma. She belonged to the Bayındır tribe, an Oğuz tribe settled in Ankara, suffering persecution from Geyhatu. The tribe consists of 10,000 people and seeks to settle in Bithynia on Osman's invitation, which was one of the reasons why Malhun came. She is skilled in archery and combat. She lost her brothers at a very young age, so she proves to her father that she is not less than a son for him and can do anything for him . She participates in every battle alongside her father and is highly respected by he ttribe's alps. She comes froma noble lineage of beys formerly loyal to Selcuk State andwais sent by her father to examine the western borders.

Relationship with Osman Bey :[]

Malhun saved Osman Bey from Aya (Hagia) Nikola's attack. Osman is awestruck by her skills in archery. After some misunderstandings, she finally sides with Osman Bey, even troubling her father. Osman then initiates major battle with Byzantines called battle of Domanic, with the support of MalhUn. Osman is greatly impressed with her regarding her decisions of settlement of her tribe and calls her" Tam Bir Bey Kizi" (the real Bey's daughter) . She finally marries him after Osman is advised by Sheikh Edebali to marry malhun in order to get heir for his beylik. She soon becomes pregnant and gives birth to Osman's first child Orhan fulfilling his long desire to be a father. Osman lovingly calls her Malhun Sultan when Orhan was 40 days old. She accomapnies him on his conquests . She is a brave hatun who supports her husband in battlefields. They together killed two dangerous men of Katalanlar and Osman then called her Benim Yurkeli Hatunum (my brave hatun) . She also stood bravely against Gunduz Bey when he took over Osman's beylik. She is the biggest supporter of her husband. Osman always appreciates her for being such a good mother to Orhan and a mother deserving the title "Devlet Ana "( State Mother). She is skilled in swordmanship just like Osman and is like a female version of him.

In episode 116, Osman tells Malhun to smile so that the state, Orhan and our tribe will be able to stand.

She shows great patience while tackling with orhan's paralysis (by poison given by onma by the orders of Valide Ismihan sultan).

In episode 126 it was revealed that Malhun is pregnant again, and Osman was overjoyed to hear this, as they were then having difficult times, but this news gave them a new hope.

In season 5 Malhun is busy with Osman while dealing with Yaqub Bey and Saadet Hatun. Osman also called her "Gorkulu Hatunum" (My Glorius Lady) and "Cumle Kayi'nin Annesi" (mother of all kayis) appreciating her services to the Kayi Tribe.



Orhan is the eldest son of Osman and Malhun . He shares a great relationship with his mother, Malhun Hatun. He always appreciates her for being such a strong woman who have brought him up so well. He always respects and obeys her and act as a bey in absence of his father with the help of Malhun.

Alaeddin pasha and Fatma Hatun:[]

She shares a great bond with her all children . She loves Alaeddin Ali as her own son and never differentiate between him and Orhan. He also treats her as his own mother and calls her Malhun Ana. She is overjoyed when her daughter Fatma returns to tribe.

Position and Power :[]

She administers Yenişehir trade. (Yenişehir'nin Hanımı).

Devlet Ana (State Mother).

Actresses who portrayed Malhun Hatun:[]

Actress Yildiz Cagri Atiksoy is a famous Turkish actress who portrayed Malhun Hatun character. She also won Golden Palm Awards 2021 in category of best TV series actress of the year for her role as Malhun Hatun.

Actress Sema Celebi portrayed Malhun Hatun in drama series Kurulus Osmancik (1988).

In History:[]


Malhun Hâtun, Mal Hâtun, or Kameriye Hâtun was the mother of the second Ottoman sultan Orhan Gazi and the first wife of Osman Gazi, whom she married in 1280. According to some historians, she was the daughter of the Anatolian Turkish Bey, Ömer Bey.Other sources say that she was the daughter of Ömer Abdülaziz Bey, Seljuk Vizier of Anatolia.

Marriage to Osman:[]

Mal Hatun/Malhun plays a central role in the legendary Osman's Dream, representing Osman's great love for her and the long struggle he had to go through before he could win her hand. Malhun was married to Osman Ghazi during the reign of Ertugrul Gazi. Malhun Hatun's marriage to Osman gazi is believed to have been a political necessity to form an alliance against a common enemy but the truth is that Osman and Malhun loved each other. And as the Byzantine historian George Pachymeres talks about the war with Osman Gazi of the Umri tribe, which shows that Malhun Hatun belonged to a warring tribe. For this reason they accepted the marriage believing it would be political.

Children of Osman I and Malhun/Mal Hatun[]

1) Orhan(1281-1362), full name Orhan Gazi Bey, would be the next sultan of the empire and all its expansions.

2) Coban Bey (1283-1337)

3) Fatma Melek Hatun (1284-1347)

4) Pazarli Bey (1285-1311)

5) Hamid Bey (1288-1329)

6) Melik Bey (1290-1366)

7) Savcı Bey (1294-1325)


Some Historians often confuse her existence with Bala Hatun daughter of Sheikh Edebali as shown in Historical fiction drama "Kurulus Osmancik"" too but that is weak source of information as The 1324 endowment deed for a Dervish Monastery built by Sultan Orhan suggests that his mother was not, as popular historical tradition maintains, Edebali's daughter but rather Mal Hatun, the daughter of one "Umar Bey or Ömer Bey". The title "Bey", used by the princely dynasties of Anatolia, suggests that Mal Hatun's father was a person of some status and authority. One possibility is that he was the eponymous ruler of an "Amouri" (Umeri) Principality, which was located northeast of the emerging Ottoman State and disappeared in the late 13th or the early 14th century. Seljuk Vizier Ömer Abdülaziz Bey his name is shown in the foundation as Malhun binti Ömer Bey. There is a tomb built in his name, which is more like a home environment. It is certain that Malhun Hatun was Turkish, since the tradition of the Ottoman sultans to make wives by converting foreign women to Islam in the palace did not exist at that time. Mal Hatun bint Ömer Bey is among the witnesses of the Mekece foundation charter dated 8-18 March 1324, one of the first documents of Ottoman history that has survived to the present day. form is found. This clearly shows that he has a bond with Osman Bey. Because while the witnesses were listed here, the names of Osman Bey's sons (Coban, Melik, Hamid, Pazarlı) and his daughter (Fatma) were mentioned first, and then the names of Ömer Bey's daughter Mal Hatun, Melik's daughter Melek and Akbaşlı's daughter Efendire. The fact that Mal Hatun's name is recorded in the first place suggests that she is the wife who gave birth to Orhan Bey and was alive at that time. Based on this record from the Ottoman historical tradition, it is generally accepted that she is Orhan Bey's mother.