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Gündüz Bey is the son of Ertugrul Ghazi, who was one of Kayı Bey, and the bigger brother of Osman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Although he was worthy of a principality like Osman, he stood with Osman until the end and became one of the founding names of the Ottoman Empire.



Gündüz Bey's son, Aydoğdu Bey, was personally raised by his uncle Osman Gazi and he participated in many wars with him. He died in July 1302, during the Koyunhisar War, when he was very young (probably 17-18 years old). His grave is between Bursa and Yenişehir, on the road from Dimbos, whose new name is Erdoğan Village, to Koyunhisar. He notes that the grave of Oruç Beg, named Tevârîh-i Âl-i Osman, was called the Turkish Khan Tomb and that the painful horses were healed when they were roamed around this tomb 3 times.

Even though Gündüz, who was the elder brother of Osman Bey, wanted a state to be established, he saw this state for a few months only and died in İnegöl in 1299.

In the Resurrection:Ertugrul[]

Gündüz Bey did not appear in the first season in the Resurrection:Ertugrul series, because it is impossible for Gündüz to appear there due to the history. Then, after Halime Hatun and Ertuğrul Bey got married, in the second season, Halime Ertuğrul informed that they would have a son. The son is born after such fierce battles and dangers.

In the following seasons, they showed the smallness of Gündüz. Gündüz Bey prepares himself for musketeer and combat. After Halime Hatun dies as a result of the script, Gündüz Bey is overwhelmed and he promises to take care of his two brothers like a noble brother.

In the fifth season, 10 years pass and Daytime grows. He loves the daughter of a Byzantine landlord. İlbilge Hatun is blamed for the death of her father. Gündüz Bey was with his lover at that time, but he could not tell his father. Then it was known that Gündüz Bey did not kill İlbilge Hatun's father.

In the first chapters, they also said that Gündüz was paid tribute or that he was a usury. When this turned out to be true, Ertuğrul Gazi was offended by his son.

And at the end of the series, Ertuğrul Gazi and his sons become stronger with the same unity and prepare to become a state as usual.

Kurulus Osman[]

In Kurulus Osman he is shown as Osman I older borther with his siblings Osman and Savci.

He is married to Ayse Hatun.He is well know for supporting Osman and helping him be a bey. He is in both season one and two.

He got killed by Osman bey for him siding with Visier Alemshah.

He did not get killed, the information above is false. Gunduz was exiled, but died after slipping on a banana peel during an Mongol attack in the forest.