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Ertuğrul Ghazi, the lord of the Kayı Tribe, the frontier of the Seljuks, the bravest, the wisest, the smartest, the most musketeer of the tribe, a leader who is the fearful dream of the enemies, a gentleman and the ancestor of the Ottoman Empire, which has an important place in the Turkish world and world history, written in red letters in history.

Ertugrul Bey in the history[]

The number of Turks in the extreme emirates of the Anatolian Seljuk State on the border of the Byzantine Empire increased due to the Mongol pressure that started in Anatolia after the Battle of Kösedağ in 1243; parallel to this, the raids on Byzantine lands increased. As a result of these raids, second ring-fron principalities began to be established in Byzantine lands. In the second half of the 13th century, the Germiyanoğulları Principality, which was the strongest of these principalities and ruled around Kütahya, made conquests in Western Anatolia towards the 1300s and enabled the establishment of the third ring-frontier principalities. Ertuğrul Gazi was the head of the Turkish clan who settled in Söğüt, the most advanced line of the end, in the Sultan Öyuğu (present day Eskişehir) region. Although it is not known exactly when and how the neck of Ertuğrul Gazi came to this region, there are different opinions on the subject.

According to the Spiritual History, the 340 Turkish tribe led by Ertuğrul Gazi or his ancestors left Turkistan with the Seljuks and came to Anatolia and settled in the foothills of Karacadağ near the Enguri (today Ankara). Between the years 1222-1230, Iznik Emperor III. Ertuğrul Gazi, who was aware of the struggles between Ioannis and the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I, took place in the siege of Karacahisar in order to serve the army. Welcoming this with pleasure, I.Alaeddin Keykubad made Ertuğrul Gazi the head of the raider. Peace was achieved between Ioannis. Soon after, I Alâeddin Keykubad gave Ertuğrul Gazi or his ancestors Söğüt as winter and Domaniç as a spring. While Ertuğrul Gazi was continuing his raids from here, Karacahisar was lost after I.Alaeddin Keykubad left. Thereupon, Ertuğrul Gazi made a compromise with the local landlords. Neşrî conveys this information in his Spiritual History from Ruhî. Âşıkpaşazâde shortened these narratives and changed its content and transferred the events to the period of Osman Bey. [5] According to another story, Ertuğrul Gazi and his tribe, who settled in Sürmeli Çukur (Aras River Valley) or the foothills of Karacadağ near Enguri from Ahlat, stayed here for a while and Iznik Emperor III. He took part in the army of Alaeddin Keykubad against Ioannis. However, after the return of I.Alaeddin Keykubad to Konya due to the Mongolian attacks, Ertuğrul appointed Söğüt Gazi as a winter and Domaniç as a spring.

Ertugrul Bey in the Resurrection:Ertugrul[]

Ambitious and brave, Ertuğrul is shown to be well-respected and well-known, not only for being the son of Suleyman Shah but for his own exploits.

While he is young, he indicates little to no interest in tribe-management matters, and prefers the hunt, in stark contrast to his brother, Gündoğdu . However, as he grows older, he gains experience in politics and establishes himself as a wise and trusted leader, both as the Bey of his own tribe as well as the margrave of Anatolia and Sogut. His perceptive abilities and foresight also caught the attention of Sultan Alaeddin himself.

Despite his seemingly hardened and serious attitude, however, he cares deeply for his family and his alps, showing his sensitive side while with his wife and children. Valuing justice above all else, he is deadly towards his enemies and exceedingly kind to those who display values of courage and justice, Muslim or non-Muslim.

His primary weapon of choice is an azure iron sword that was forged for him by Wild Demir. It's scabbard is wrapped in gold and blue, and it's hilt is adorned with a red tassel. His swordsmanship is second to none, and even in hand-to-hand combat he is shown to have incredible strength and takes down enemies with ease. He is also shown to be a skilled marksman.

Engin Altan Düzyatan, a very famous actor, played the role of Ertuğrul from the beginning to the end in the Resurrection:Ertuğrul series, and with this role she gained great fame in all Turkish countries, especially Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

Ertugrul Bey in the Establishment:Osman[]

Season One[]

As you know, Ertuğrul Bey is the ancestor of the Ottoman Empire that shook the world and is the father of Osman Ghazi, the founder of the empire.

Ertuğrul Ghazi is not shown in the first season of the series. The reason for this is shown that Ertuğrul Bey went to Konya with his son Saru Batu Savci Bey. Since he is not Ertuğrul Bey, his brother Dündar Bey rules the tribe, but how. He rules very badly. The Kayı Tribe goes to the abyss. But Osman Bey corrects Dündar Bey's mistakes, which are very difficult to compensate, with his mind and his sword, and protects his tribe from the abyss.

Season Two[]

In season 2, Ertuğrul Gazi is now included in the series with great splendor. Everybody, from old comrades to a small child, welcomes Ertuğrul Gazi and is happy for his arrival. Ertuğrul Gazi is very old and sick.

Welcomed with great splendor, Ertuğrul Gazi is sad that he is welcomed by everyone, but not by his own son Osman. He cannot see Osman. Because Muzaffereddin Yavlak Arslan played the big game for Osman again. Especially his aide, that is, his assistant, Kuzgun Alp, lied to him and deceived Osman by telling that Ertuğrul Gazi was somewhere else, in a forest area and was waiting for his son. 

Osman came to the forest area after believing these words. Osman sees his "father" sitting on a throne. Osman's fake father stabs him instead of seeing and kissing him. A knife wound washes Osman, but cannot break his hope. Osman fights to the end and defeats Muzaffereddin Yavlak Arslan by winning the war. Meanwhile, the traitor who tries to play the role of Ertuğrul Gazi is also killed.

Then Gündüz Bey comes to the forest area to investigate the conflicts and the matter ends.

When Ertuğrul Gazi arrives, it feels like he smeared mud on his brother Dündar's face with his every step. Dundar Bey digests the arrival of his brother. When Ertuğrul Gazi arrives, it feels like he smeared mud on his brother Dündar's face with his every step. Dundar Bey digests the arrival of his brother. But Ertuğrul Gazi immediately joins the tent and tries to investigate the issue. Especially, Muzaffereddin Yavlak, who likes traps from traps, calls Arslan's traitor Hazal Hatun and his wife, Ertuğrul's brother and former Kayı Bey, Dündar Bey, to the tent. This issue angered Ertuğrul very much. He spreads his anger to Dündar and Hazal. Ertuğrul exiles his brother again, as Dündar's actions have worried the people until he returns from Konya. Ertuğrul gives Dündar a very difficult task: "The imprisonment of Hazal Hatun in the caged tent." This difficult task is handled by Dündar and Hazal Hatun is imprisoned for a few days. Dündar is exiled for a few days.

Ertuğrul Ghazi and his son Osman Ghazi meet each other in their tent and kiss each other and quench their longing. For Osman, this meeting is like giving the worlds to him.

But nothing happens as the father and son want. Even though Osman Bey is more bold and brave than his childhood and is fully ready to establish a state, Ertuğrul Gazi does not care about his son that much. Judging by his age, he gives him to his younger age and highlights his older siblings and older siblings with no diplomatic intelligence. Osman doesn't like this at all.

Ertuğrul Gazi was exercising his own powers in his tent, when his heart got sick and he collapsed. Since there were no people in the tent, no man could see the bride Bala Hatun, who only wanted to enter the tent with destur and entered the tent with her own will, that she collapsed on the ground and was in a deadly state. With this, it became known how Ertuğrul Gazi suffered from a fatal old age disease. Many people predicted that choosing a new brain was now essential. But Ertuğrul Gazi, although not as brash as before, had his powers. Before him was the Byzantine enemy Aya Nikola, whom he is now used to. He couldn't settle accounts with him. Because he was old now. Two brothers Osman and Savci Bey were in the race as ambassadors. And Osman was faced with a truth he had never seen. Ertuğrul could not see the strength of his own son and made his middle son an ambassador. Osman gets very bad about this news and feels a grudge against his brother. He retreats into the forest for a few minutes and tries to digest this news.

After that, Ertuğrul Gazi's illness becomes more severe. Ertuğrul Gazi, who can no longer get rid of the disease even though he has the authority, faints. They put it in the tent. Doctors try to cure Ertuğrul Gazi by lining up. Ertuğrul Gazi was now just opening his eyes. He could not speak or move. He could not even recognize people. Enemies knew this by chance, they thought that after Ertuğrul Gazi dies, the tribe will lose its power. But there was Osman Bey in the tribe.

The days of Ertuğrul Gazi were counted. All the tribal men, Ertuğrul's sons and brother were with him. Osman Bey was very hopeful. He felt sorry for Ertuğrul Gazi. His father couldn't die, he couldn't make peace with it. Osman Bey stood next to his sick father and gave him hope with his speech. Ertuğrul Gazi was eventually able to recognize even a human being - his own son Osman.

Using Ertuğrul Gazi's illness, his son Savci Bey, who even put him in the place of a deceased person, and his wife, Lena Hatun, who was distracted by him, quickly established the princely (council). In this assembly, his troubled brother Dundar Bey, who did a lot of work behind Ertuğrul Gazi, and his wife Hazal Hatun, who was again enthralled by him, have a great effort. Dundar Bey are almost impatiently waiting for the death of Ertuğrul Gazi. Being the Prosecutor has already begun to catch fire.

The whole people are in confusion. But Ertuğrul Bey was not dead, but he had a brother and middle son who were impatiently waiting for his death. This situation was hurting them. They were watching the big plane tree die. Hazal Hatun, who thought that there was no obstacle, did not think that there was a trouble the size of a mountain - Selcan Hatun. Selcan Hatun could prevent this assembly whenever she wanted. But two girls and two gentlemen, who are very confident in themselves, establish the principality council in a way that is very against the law.

The people in many tents can hear the principality council. Hazal Hatun and Lena Hatun, unable to do anything out of their joy, gladly listen to this assembly in the tent close to the tent. There is no longer any obstacle. Bey would be elected, Ertuğrul Bey would be out of the way. And then the big plane tree stood up and Ertuğrul Gazi surprised his dear friend Abdurrahman Gazi, not even feeling anything from his disease. Ertuğrul Gazi realizes that there is a bey council in the tent where he is and listens to the assembly with great curiosity.

Selcan Hatun goes inside and inflicts the greatest damage on the parliament. It makes a mess. It would be nice when Ertuğrul Gazi knows that Selcan Hatun, who defends him, is in the parliament. But then the main damage is done with the arrival of Bamsı Bey. After Bamsı Bey and Flatyos are included, the minds of those in the council become confused. Bamsı Bey is against the parliament, which is against the law until the end and is on the side of Ertuğrul Gazi. And then it becomes desired, and Bamsı dissolves the assembly and pleases Ertuğrulu, mourning Lena, Dündar, Hazal and the Savci Bey. The faces of 2 girls and 2 gentlemen who think that there is no obstacle fall.

Savci Bey, who was offended by the dissolution of the council and fought with Bamsı Bey, the eldest of them, did not recognize this decision, and after the dissolved assembly, which was against the law, he also tried to make a coup d'etat in an illegal manner. This coup is not to depose Ertuğrul Bey, but to prevent Osman Bey from coming to power. Savci Bey has now set the intention: "Brother blood will be shed!" 

Savci Bey has already begun to make coups and shed brothers' blood with his soldiers who oppose the incompetent five to ten laws. Gündüz Bey, on the other hand, does not speak out. At the end, the ideas of the three brothers conflict with each other and a fight breaks out in the square. Then Abdurrahman Gazi, by preventing the blow that did not happen, gives the sad news: "Ertuğrul Bey gives his last breath!"


Before her death[]

The three siblings see an angry big plane tree in front of them. Ertuğrul Bey looks as if he is giving his last breath, but he is very good. Only a little ill. Selcan Hatun and other girls were miserable from crying. Ertuğrul Bey was announcing his heir ...

This time the series goes back two days. Ertuğrul Gazi is literally prepared to go to the afterlife. He is ill and is looking for his successor. He is informed by Gündüz and the Prosecutor. He feels feelings for Osman. He wants to make him heir. But how the gentlemen would meet this was very important. The prosecutor could have acted illegally at any time.

Ertuğrul Gazi visits the grave of his wife Halime Hatun. Now he knows that he has very little life left, and he will still have what he loves in the afterlife. He also knows that he will meet Halime Hatun and be buried next to him. Then he calls his son Osman and they get into trouble with Halime Hatun somewhere with him. Ertuğrul Gazi begins to look at Osman now as an heir.

Then, Ertuğrul Bey meets with Aksaçlı and gets into trouble with him and talks about his dream of becoming a state. Aksaçlı now knows that Ertuğrul Bey will die. Ertuğrul Bey knew that Aksaçlı knew this news. At that time, Ertuğrul Gazi, who announced his successor to Aksaçlı, is now very hopeful and knows that Osman will realize his dream of becoming a state.

Ertuğrul Gazi is preparing to go to God for the great journey.

After that, the news comes to the public that Ertuğrul Gazi is preparing for a great journey. Ertuğrul Gazi states that he will leave at any time and will not stay in this world. People are not comfortable at all. They talk every moment that their lord will die.

And then the series will turn back 2 days later. Ertuğrul Gazi gives his last breath, experiencing the biggest discomfort in life. He knows that it is their last minute. It is very bad for the people to give this pain, but they are very happy to have the dead people they love. He should also reveal his heir. Three sons look after their father with great pain. While Ertuğrul Bey is announcing his heir, the people around him with great anxiety and pain ... Ertuğrul Bey cannot complete his words and speaks the last word that Muslims said when they passed away ... A period is over. Ertuğrul Gazi, the sultan of the veterans, has died.