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Dundar bey is known for being the brother of Ertugrul Ghazi, and the uncle of Osman I. In his teenage years and early twenties, he made a lot of mistakes, however, he repented each time and remained loyal to his older brother Ertugrul. However, it appears that as he grew older, he began to hold quite a grudge against his nephew, Osman. Ostensibly, Dundar was in disagreement with Osman about making an attack on a greek islet as he thought it would bring devastation to the tribe. As it seemed that Dundar was playing it safe for the protection of the tribe, he soon made a mistake by attempting on his nephew's life. Dundar was fed up of Osman, his leadership, and his decisions. But in the end according to the history it is said that Dündar Bey passed away naturally in the year (1298 or 1302) at the age of 88 or 90

In the history =[]

Dündar Bey (b. 1210 or 1212 - d. 1298 or , son of Süleyman Şah, brother of Ertuğrul Gazi and uncle of Osman Gazi. He was killed personally by Osman Gazi when he was close to the age of 90 in which case marks the beginning of the sibling murder in the Ottoman Empire. He was killed by Osman by an arrow which pierced through his heart

Dündar Bey's killing has been reported in different ways by many Ottoman historians. According to the rumor in Neşri; Osman Gazi, who participated in the entertainment of Bilecik Tekfur, had to kiss the tekfur's hand when he wanted to have his hand kissed and his dignity was broken because of this. Osman Gazi, who did not forget this degrading behavior, wanted to take revenge on the tekfur when he became the head of the principality and embarked on a campaign against the tekfura. On the other hand, Dündar Bey opposed this campaign and said, "Germiyanoğulları and the unbelievers around are already enemies and you will make this takfuru an enemy to us, we will not have a place to live", and Osman Gazi killed Dündar Bey by shooting him with the board of the bow.

Hayrullah Efendi, one of the last period Ottoman historians, described the incident as follows: There was a conflict between Dündar Bey and Osman Gazi, and that Dündar Bey unwillingly accepted the principality of Osman Gazi and worked against Osman and even arranged an assassination with Bilecik's tekfuru and this It is stated that Dündar Bey was killed because his amnesty was not accepted for this reason.

In the Resurrection:Ertugrul[]

Dündar Bey's puberty is shown in the first season. Here Dündar Bey is shown as a bold and agile, brave person who prepares for the alpine. In the fights between Ertuğrul and Gündoğdu, he was always neutral and asked the two brothers to reconcile, become one and not fight again. In this season, he is a great person.

In the next season, Dündar Bey has grown and become an alp. But Dundar Bey could not be the same as before and the alpine changed him a little. His arm strength defeated his mind, and with this, incredible results have come to light. He started to oppose Ertuğrul.

First, he fell in love with Günyeli Hatun, daughter of the rebel Acar Bey, and as a result, almost all the information that Dündar Bey knew about Ertuğrul Bey by Günyeli Hatun passed into the hands of Byzantium. After that, while he was doing a necessary job with Doğan Bey, he was besieged by the Byzantines and Doğan Bey became a martyr. If Dündar Bey had not given all the information to Günyeli, a life would not have gone. And as a result, Dündar Bey killed Günyeli Hatun. dündar knew that his brother, Ertugrul, died in a fight and did not care about the dead. Dündar decided to sell the Hanlı Pazar because he couldn’t protect it. If Ertuğrul had not appeared, he was selling it shortly. As a result, Ertuğrul Bey went hard on Dündar Bey and exiled him. In the last season, Dündar Bey does not appear because he was exiled.

In the Establishment:Osman[]

In the first episode of the first season, Dündar Bey returned and even became the leader of the tribe. Because Ertuğrul Bey went to Konya for an important job and handed over his duty to Dündar Bey for a temporary period. There was no other way out, as he had no other siblings left. Dundar Bey also has a wife. Her name is Zöhre Hatun. She heals Dündar Bey's wound. This time it becomes clear that it is a boil wound. His father, Suleyman Shah, also had this boil. In the following chapters, Dündar Bey succumbs to his anger several times and acts unbecoming of leadership. Osman Bey also does not like his actions and started to oppose him. Dundar was even more angry. Because his son Batur Osman Bey stabbed him as "traitor".

Then, in one episode, Osman Bey besieged Dündar and wanted to kill him. But Dündar does not die and Osman Bey does not allow it. This endless fight between Osman and Dündar does not end with the family of Osman and Dündar. When the fight between Dündar and Osman is not over, it is revealed that Dündar is the first wife and that first wife comes. Her name is Hazal Hatun. She is the sister of Muzaffereddin Yavlak Arslan. The two rams' heads did not boil in a cauldron. Theirs did not boil either. Hazal Hatun said "either he or me" and started the new war. And at the end, Hazal Hatun ends the war and wins. Because he killed Dündar Bey's second wife, Zöhre Hatun. The reason is that Zöhre Hatun adds poison to the meat at the wedding.

When the vicious Mongol commander Balgay arrives, he chains Gündüz and Dündar and causes him to obey them. Dündar will do nothing until Balgay is killed.

Alişar, who is a threat to Dündar Bey and does not like Osman Bey, also kills Dündar's son Batur. Then he claims that it was Osman who played in all sorts of ways and killed Batur. The pumpkin explodes again at the beginning of Osman. After a few episodes, Alisar marries Dundar's daughter. Alişar shows violence to his daughter and does not behave well. Later, when he knew that Alişar was a bad guy and that Dündar killed his son, Dündar suffers a guilty conscience. Daughter goes crazy. Dündar wants his death and believes in Osman until the end. After that, Dündar did not make a significant move in the first season. Because season one is over.

In the second season, Dündar's hair has become white. When Ertuğrul Gazi arrives, the rule of Dündar Bey decreases and becomes nothing. Dündar, who has no judgment left with his brother and has lost all his reputation, must now account for his brother. Because when Ertuğrul Bey went to Konya, he was helpless and did not know how to rule the tribe like the bey. Since he has no political mind and diplomatic intelligence, he got his own country in trouble and literally put him into collapse. Had it not been for Osman Gazi, perhaps there would not have been a tribe called Kayı Tribe. Osman Gazi was preventing Dündar's mistakes from causing bad consequences and he was fighting all his enemies, including the enemy within.

Dundar, on the other hand, did not do anything. He went down to the well with Alisar's rope and "drowned" in the water of that well. He gave Alisar his daughter and then when he found out that he was a traitor, he hit his head on the stones. Dündar Bey, who had no credibility in the eyes of the public, could not account for his brother Ertuğrul. After that, Ertuğrul ordered him: "Go take Hazal Hatun, your wife, to the caged tent." This was a very bad order for Dündar, and he couldn't do it. But he did. Hazal Hatun had to stay in a caged tent for a few days. Because Hazal Hatun was giving her brother Muzaffereddin Yavlak Arslan the secrets of Kayı Tribe. For this reason, when Osman wanted to see his own father and longing for him, they set a trap for him and injured Osman.

Then Ertuğrul Gazi sent his brother Dündar into exile for the second time. In exile, Dündar suffered from plague. But he recovered and came to Ertuğrul again. After that, he became one of the enormous soldiers of Dündar Kayı Tribe, no matter how inexperienced. Finally, Dündar Bey and Saru Batu ask Prosecutor Bey Osman to account for injuring Aya Nikolan. Osman says: "I just hurt. Go" get well soon "and say." Selcan Hatun comes to Dündar in the tent with a beautiful baby in her arms. Dündar wants to know who the child is. Selcan says: "This is your daughter's son - Aygül!" Dündar is confused. He can't believe his eyes. Aygül and Alisar had a son. Osman performs a glorious ceremony in the center and reunites his father-daughter - Aygül Hatun and Dündar Bey. Now they will all be together - of course Kayıalp, who is just a baby, is with them.

Muzaffereddin Yavlak Arslan, Gündüz Bey, Saru Batu Savcı Bey, Dündar Bey and Aya Nikola began negotiations to end this bad relationship and to stop Osman. Despite all these negotiations, Aya Nikola is not at all thorough. Yavlak Arslan is also a traitor. At the end, the negotiation ends with a fight. There is a fight between Saru Batu Savcı Bey and Aya Nikola. During the fight, a messenger says that Osman Gazi conquered Kulucahisar Castle. All negotiators, along with Aya Nikola, as well as Dundar Bey were destroyed by this news. This negotiation is just a waste of time.

His older brother, Ertuğrul Gazi, is now more ill and fatal these days. Ertuğrul Gazi's even days are counted. Dundar Bey, on the other hand, is after the principality and duty. The duty has made his unfilled eyes even more hungry. Dündar Bey now cooperates with the enemies for the death of Ertuğrul Gazi. Of course, Muzaffereddin Yavlak Arslan made him more hungry for duty. Yavlak Arslan's sister, Hazal Hatun, also filled her own husband's brain. And at the end, Dündar Bey took the decision: "Let my brother Ertuğrul Gazi die, I will soon become the lord of the tribe."

However, after his brother dies, and he tries to defraud by giving wealth to beys, Osman exposes him and fires him as in-charge of Sogut. Soon, he also finds out that Dündar met with Nikola, so he strangled him, but did not kill him. This leads Dündar to become furious at Osman, and Hazal Hatun convinces her husband to do something to become the new lord of the tribe. Dundar then secretly meets and help Nikola, hence letting them once ambush Ottomans and martyr Beyhoca (Osman's nephew/Savci's son). He even kills Potter Idris who could've exposed Dündar's betrayal, but leaves his ring (trace) behind. Eventually, that ring comes in the hands of Malhun Hatun, and soon, to Omur Bey, who later presents it to Osman. Osman then makes a clever plan and captures Dündar, who starts to realize his mistake and regrets it. Osman then executes him for treason.