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Cerkutay in season 1

In Establishment: Osman[]

Commander Cerkutay was born and raised in Mongolia under the Mongol empire. He didn’t know/remember his parents or siblings. Later he became a commander and started serving under the Viceroy Gaykhatu Khan in Anatolia.


Cerkutay is known of his and bloodlust personality in the first season of the series. Despite being vile and fierce his gestures are always accounted as mischievously hilarious as he has uncontrollable laughs over serious situations. Cerkutay served under Balgay in the first season and therefore was Osman's worst enemy. Cerkutay has a change of heart in season two and stays at Kayi tribe in Bamsi bey’s tent. He learns about our prophet (pbuh) from Bamsi bey and repents for his actions. He betters himself and converts to Islam. Cerkutay has still not lost his funny streak.

Season 1[]

In the first season, Cerkutay enters in Sogut and leads a raid in the Sogut Bazar under Balgay. After the raid was carried out, Cerkutay later accompanies Balgay to raid the Kayi tribe. Where he took most of the Alps of Osman as hostage and tortured them.

Later Cerkutay is shown killing most of the Kayi Alps. But after Osman frees his tribe from the Mongolian grasp Cerkutay leaves with Balgay to set up their own military camp near the tribe. In order to search for Osman to kill him Cerkutay once followed Bala Hatun through forests where they had encountered a fight with each and during the combat one of the warrior under his command injures Bala brutally thus leaving her infertile for the rest of her life. Moreover Cerkutay abducts Osman's brother Gunduz Bey and tortures him brutally to interrogate but luckily Osman rescues his brother and nearly killed Cerkutay but however he has escaped narrowly.

Cerkutay in season 2

Later Cerkutay supports Balgay in his rebellion against Geykhatu Khan, which resulted him being exiled from the Mongol army.

Cerkutay only trusted Balgay and his best friend Commander Kongar (Goktug Alp) throughout his life. With Kongar he fights and shares most of his plans. When Cerkutay came to know about his best friend Kongar being allies with Osman, Cerkutay informs Balgay of Kongar's intentions and they turn him into a Mankurt (a Mongolian way to brain wash through drugs).

Followed by Osman manipulating Balgay and Cerkutay for his own political motives, which leads to Balgay finally being killed by Osman and Cerkutay ends up injured by Kongar (Goktug Alp) by the end of the season.

Season 2[]

After his adoptive-father Balgay's death and his best friend's abandonment, Cerkutay now wanders around as an unsuccessful commander of mercenary warriors for more than a year. Cerkutay approaches Gunduz Bey and Dundar Bey to appoint him as their warrior for the tribe but they brush him off. Cerkutay then allies with Muzaffereddin Yavlak Arslan against Osman and the tribe. Cerkutay later goes to Konya on Yavlak's orders in order to provoke Geykhatu against Osman by falsely making him believe about his son Möngke being abducted by Osman. But Geyhatu learns the truth about Osman causing Yavlak to abandon Cerkutay and he escapes his death from the hands of Geyhatu whom he had manipulated.

Later having no potential ally for him or a shelter Cerkutay takes refuge with Aya (Hagia) Nikola and accompanies Nikola's commander Flatyos to burn Sogut city. But much to his misfortune he and Flatyos were caught by Osman and Bamsi Bey. Bamsi later interrogates him and after being tortured Cerkutay blurts out of serving Muzaffereddin Yavlak Arslan.

Moreover Cerkutay stays under Osman's captivity for sometime. When Osman and Yavlak decide to be allies against Geyhatu and planned to kill him at his headquarters, Cerkutay also accompanies them but much to their misfortune they were ambushed by the Mongolian army, however they escape the ambush which affects Cerkutay immensely and he decides to finally be on Osman's side. He accepts Islam for the rest of his life. After witnessing his intentions and bravery, Osman accepts him as one of his Alps.

Cerkutay starts to learn Turk and nomadic ways to live in the tribe from Bamsi Bey. He gets caught eating from the rice pot when Aygul comes in. He seems to be falling in love with Aygul Hatun. Cerkutay goes to wars with Aygul and they fight together. For instance, once Cerkutay (by the order of Osman which was meant to be a plan) betray Kayis and supports Mongols, but sooner he let them down, revealing his real identity and helping Osman win the war. Furthermore, when the gunpowders are placed in tunnels, Cerkutay comes out at the last second but survives. This shows that Cerkutay is now a brave, strong Muslim Alp. He also is given dual swords by Bamsi, a father-like to him, before his death. There have been many rumours he will marry Aygul Hatun, but strange rumours have linked Cerkutay and Alaca Hatun together.