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Çetin Alp is one of the valiant alps of Osman Gazi.

Personality and duty[]

Çetin Alp is a very tough and brave personality. It is always beside the truth, therefore it is one of the valiant alps of Osman Gazi. Even if he behaves hard against his enemy, he will not behave unfairly. Çetin Alp, whose name was mentioned several times in wars and his face appeared, does not appear after the finale of season 1. His last duty was to protect the princess with the instructions of Osman Gazi. Osman Gazi gave the order like this: "Cetin Alp, the princess is entrusted to you! You should protect the princess as you protect both eyes!"

Çetin Alp's eyes are like spreading a flame at the enemy. Because his eye is almost the color of flame. This is why he never loses fighting with the enemy. It is also just and noble. Although he did not appear much in the series, he was one of those who appeared in the season finale. She protected the princess. However, Çetin Alp does not appear in season 2 for a few reasons.

Çetin Alp has never been married. He was not loved, either This is not shown in the series. The character of Çetin Alp, who can only show up and show his bravery in 9 episodes, that is, from 19th to 27th episode, symbolizes and resembles the bravery and bravery in the series like many alp characters. The date of birth of this valiant alp is not known, since no information about the year of birth or a scene is shown or revealed in the series. There is not a single information about the next life of this valiant, one of the fictional heroes of the history fiction series.