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The Kayi Principality:[]

The Kayi tribe originates from the Oghuz tribes. In the series the Kayi tribe was made into Kayi Principality of several tribes on the western borders of the Seljuk dynasty by Ertugrul Ghazi. The city of Sogut situated on the borders served as the main headquarter of the Principality. The city was owned by Ertugrul Ghazi, who was actually gifted with the city of Sogut and Domanic by a Seljuk Sultan in the mid 13th century. Escaping the Mongol invasions followed by the battle of Kose Dag (June 26 1243), Ertugrul migrated to the outskirts of Sogut with his nomad tribe of Kayi, where he eventually establishes his own Beylik (through political strategies and several battles with the Byzantium Governors installed by the Roman Emperors who also claim their ownership over these lands) and started to rule as Bey (chieftain) of the Kayi Principality. The Principality governs almost every single tribe under its protection and provides them with trade and security.

The principality has many tribes along the borderline, among which the main and the strongest tribe is the Kayi tribe. The tribe has a Bey who rules over the people. Moreover the tribe is famous for its strong and fierce Alps (warriors), which are under the command of the Head Alp under their Bey.

People of the Kayi Principaity:[]

The Kayi tribe consists of the family of the Bey known as the Beylik family of the tribe. Moreover it has traders and carpet weavers which serve to the economy of the tribe. The carpet weaving and trading is often organized by the active matriarch of Hatun (Lady) of the tribe. The Alps of the tribe are responsible for the security of the tribe. The blacksmith (Demirci) is accounted for the weaponry of the tribe.

Beylik Family:[]

Dundar Bey:[]

Zohre Hatun:[]

Zohre Hatun is the first wife of Dundar Bey and serves as a healer of the tribe. She has a son Batur Alp and a daughter Aygul. Zohre is shown over-ambitious and therefore urges her husband to have more control over tribe.

Gunduz Bey:[]

Gunduz Bey is the nephew of Dundar Bey and elder brother of Osman. Gunduz serves as Head Alp of the tribe and is very responsible when it comes to the security and well being of his tribe.

Osman Bey:[]

Osman Ghazi or Osman serves as one of the Alp of the tribe under Gunduz and Dundar. Osman disagrees on most of the ways of Dundar ruling the tribe and therefore eventually rebels against him.

Aygul Hatun:[]

Aygul is the younger daughter of Dundar and assists her mother Zohre in healing.

Selcan Hatun:[]

Selcan is the aunt of Osman and sister-in-law of Dundar. Acts as the matraiarch of the tribe and often stays at odds with Zohre

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