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Bala Hatun is the main female protagonist character alongside Malhun Hatun in series Kurulus Osman . Based on 'Rabia Bala Mal Hatun' who was the daughter of Sheikh Edebali, first wife of Osman Ghazi and the mother of Alaeddin pasha, Orhan bey.

In Kurulus Osman:[]

In the Kurulus Osman series, it appears that Bala is a gentle-hearted beautiful hatun, who follows the religion of Islam. Bala hatun is best at controlling her emotions and containing her anger, but she is prone to heartbreak. Bala was brought up by a Sheikh, meaning that she was a very knowledgeable lady. She is clever. Inspite of being so compassionate and soft, Bala certainly knew how to swing her sword! After her husband is elected the Bey, she becomes the Bas Hatun (Head Hatun) of the Kayı tribe, succeeding Selcan Hatun. She embodies natural maternal love for all the children of the tribe, especially the orphaned ones. Bala Hatun, who is always at the forefront of conquests and wars, is a big support to Osman. She is a stern fighter, who fights for justice when it is needed. She has strong sense of justice, and believed in the truth only.


Bala Hatun is played by the actress Özge Törer. She made her debut on 20th November 2019, which was the first episode of Kurulus Osman. Since then, she has appeared in all of the episodes to date.


Osman Bey[]

Bala Hatun found Osman injured near a river and saved him. From then on, the two of them had loved each other. This is shown numerous times in the series. When Osman was severely injured, Bala shed a few tears and prayed that God would protect him. Not long after his recovery, their wedding took place. Even after Bala was wounded by some Mongols, and learned that she was probably unable to have children, she was afraid that Osman would not like her the same. So she told Osman to find a different wife so that he may continue his legacy. However, this did not change the way Osman felt about Bala. He said that he would marry her even if she wasn't able to have children. Bala then made herself a loyal companion to her husband Osman, and waited for him when he went out to battle. She loved Osman so much, that she was willing to marry him to another Hatun in order for him to continue his legacy. Despite a rocky start, she and Malhun (Osman's 2nd Wife) eventually get along, and it was revealed that Bala was pregnant. She soon gave birth to a baby boy named Alaeddin Ali. She was the Chief Lady of the Kayi Tribe and the Head of the Bacıyân-ı Rûm. She had also participated in numerous battles alongside her husband. She was revealed to be pregnant again and goes on to welcome a baby girl named Halime (named after Osman's mother) to the immense joy of Osman and their family. When her father Sheikh Edebali, was captured by the Seljuk Valide Ismihan Sultan (in retaliation towards Osman's actions in protecting former Seljuk Sultan Mesud, along with stealing the Royal Stamp), Bala Hatun and Osman Bey were worried. Ismihan Sultan decided to lure Bala Hatun into a trap through her father by ordering her to come to Marmaricik Castle without informing anyone, otherwise her father would be killed. With the game played by Ismihan Sultan, Bala Hatun was also captured. When Osman along with his alps found a secret way to enter the dungeons, and save both his beloved wife and father-in-law, he was threatened by Ismihan, who had already anticipated his arrival, that both Bala and the Sheikh would pay the price of death, if he does not surrender Mesud to them. Bala Hatun told Osman that she was ready to sacrifice her life for the state to be formed. She pleaded for him to leave for the sake of Allah, while entrusting their children in his complete care. Osman refused to leave her and resisted a lot but reluctantly agreed as he and his alps were outnumbered. He promised to come back as soon as possible and save both her and her father. Finding no other way to save his wife and his father-in-law, Osman decided to surrender Mesud (who understood Osman's helpless plight and readily agreed to surrender himself, telling him not to punish himself over the situation) to save the lives of both Bala and Edebali. Despite surrendering Mesud, Ismihan still went ahead with the execution of Bala Hatun and Sheikh Edebali, causing Osman to forcefully intervene along with his men (including Aktemur Bey) disguised as Seljuk soldiers and stopped them. Later on Osman and Bala's daughter Halime die(in the off screen in time-lapse between season 4 and 5) Devastating her family, Bala Hatun is also shown very sick or the verge of death but eventually get better.

Ahmet Alp[]

Ahmet Alp was a young boy who lost both his parents at a young age and was in all senses adopted by Osman and Bala Hatun as one of their own. He shares a special bond with Bala Hatun, whom he considers as his own mother. During her earlier days, Bala's pain for being unable to have children of her own, were reduced due to Ahmet's presence. She strove to be a strong and supportive figure for him in the most difficult of times.

Alaeddin bey[]

Alaeddin bey, the son of Bala Hatun and Osman Bey is both intellectually smart and skilled in combat. Bala's relationship with her son Alaeddin, who was blessed to her and her husband after numerous hardships is a very special one. The bond between the mother and son is so strong, mere words are hard to describe it. He carries the traits not only of both his parents but also those of his maternal grandfather, Sheikh Edebali. He is quite intellectual and mature for his age. Always seeks the guidance of Allah, as taught by his parents and never questions their decisions. He handles any given situation with calm and patience. Bala has never differentiated between her children, even those born to her husbands second wife. She always treated them as her own and prays for and teaches them to stand by each other even in the most difficult of times. Later, when Orhan was assigned to take over as the Bey of Karacahisar, Alaeddin was overjoyed for his brother but was left disappointed when his father did not assign him any duty. He disclosed his hurt and disappointment to his mother, and confessed that perhaps his father did not think of him as worthy and strong to take on any duty. Bala tried to make him understand that he was not weak and in time, would be assigned a duty worthy of his right. When Alaeddin was taken hostage by Olof and his men, Bala along with Osman pledged that they will not spare anyone who dared to hurt their beloved son. Alaeddin, while held captive became aware that his kidnapping was in fact a trap to lure his parents to their deaths. He leaves a hidden message forewarning his parents of the impending trap, asking them not to come after him. Osman plans accordingly and saves Alaeddin, while outplaying his enemies with a trap of his own.

Malhun Hatun:

Malhun Hatun came to the tribe as the woman who saved Osman during an ambush on him. She and Bala never got along due to Bala thinking Osman fancied her. Due to her infertility, Bala was unable to reproduce, so Osman had to marry a second woman to carry on his legacy, Bala wanted him to marry an ordinary woman, but Osman thought it would be best if he were to marry Bey Daughter, who was Malhun. She was deeply affected by the fact that he chose Malhun whom she never got along with; however, time passed and Malhun got pregnant, which made Bala more relaxed and friendly with Malhun. Bala and Malhun became friends after Osman's first son Orhan was born. Despite their disagreements, they continued to be close friends and committed to being the backbone of the tribe.

Aygul Hatun:

The reason that Aygul disliked Bala in the first season was that Osman was in love with her but not with her, making them both rivals. Although Aygul could get married to Osman it was utterly impossible since he loved Bala so much. After the death of her brother continued by her Mom, she got mentally ill and was starting to get along with her. But for her wellbeing, Selcan Hatun took her to another place so that she could get better and later she gave birth to a son from her former partner. She came back stronger than ever and was good friends with Bala Hatun and supported her in every decision she made and also made a vow to protect Bala.

According to history[]

Sheikh Edebali's daughter is known as "Rabia"/"Bala" in history. Several accounts about Edebali's daughter, Âşıkpaşazâde, one of the first Ottoman historians, that Sheikh Edebali, who interpreted Osman's dream as the herald of the birth of a great state. , gave him to his daughter; He also adds that Sheikh Edebali and Bala Hatun died within one or two months of each other, and Osman Bey, who died three months later, buried them both in Bilecik with his own hands.

She died in 1324. Although she preceded her husband, Osman, she was buried with her father at Bilecik. Bala Hatun's tomb, along with that of his mother, is a famous historical landmark located within the Sheikh Edebali tomb complex. This complex was built by Orhan Ghazi and later renovated by Abdul Hamid II.

The Actress Who Portrays Bala Hatun[]

Özge Törer

Özge is an actress born on 16th August 1998 in İzmir, Turkey. She studied at Muğla Sıtkı Kocaman University. The actress started her career in the historical fiction series “Kurulus Osman” as Bala Hatun aka the wife of Osman I.

In a interview with the Daily Sabah ( A Turkish Newspaper):

(some of the questions she answered)

Women often have quarrels in the Obasi. But Bala Hatun always maintains her attitude. What is the source of her maturity?

''Bala Hatun has grown up in the environment of such education and practice since her childhood. So her behavior has become balanced, she reacts wisely to both right and wrong. Because Osman Bey’s Hatun should behave like the leader of Kayi women.''

Your acting scenes with Burak Özçivit have attracted a lot of attention from the audience, especially the female audience. How are you enjoying acting with him?

''Undoubtedly Burak Özçivit (Osman Bey) is an experienced actor. His professional attitude and acting style also impressed me.''

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