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Aygül is the daughter of Dündar Bey and Zöhre Hatun and step-daughter of Hazal Hatun. She is the widow of Alişar Bey and the mother of Kayı Alp, posthumous son of Alişar. She was in love with Osman Bey, thus becoming jealous of Bala Hatun until Osman Bey supposedly killed her brother, Batur Bey. She becomes mentally ill after learning that her husband, Alişar Bey, actually killed her brother. When mentally ill, she seeks revenge on her stepmother Hazal Hatun for killing her mother for poisoning Osman and Bala's wedding food.And she is my favourite charecter out of the whole show .

In the Establishment: Osman[]

Aygül Hatun is the daughter of Dündar Bey, the former lord of the Kayı Tribe, and Zöhre Hatun. At first, Aygül Hatun, who did not come across as a gentleman's daughter, was mainly brought to the fore in the middle of season 1.


Aygul was shown as man-like and humble by the start of the first season. Where she learns house chores and healing from her mother. Due to her submissive nature she was often misused in political motives by her father and then her husband. She falsely thought of having crush on her first cousin Osman and dreams of marrying him. She was married off to Alisar Bey, a proposal she accepted out of spite and because her father forced her into it, but later she discovered it was her new husband who killed her brother, Batur. After the disgraceful incident she lived through she becomes schizophrenic and suffers from mental disorders while also being pregnant. After her aunt Selcan Hatun helped her with her mental health and Aygul learns to fight as a warrior, her personality is changed greatly she has become more sensible and thoughtful. She has become more strong and rigid like a warrior and wishes to serve Osman.

Season One[]

Aygul is shown as the daughter of Dundar Bey and the then matriarch Zohre hatun. She used to assist her mother in healing of the wounded warriors. In season 1 Aygul was fond of Osman Ghazi her first-cousin and thought of having crush on him since they had spent their childhood together. She was obsessed with marrying Osman since childhood thus making her envious of Bala Hatun as Osman loved her. In her envy and anger towards Bala and Osman she starts to react so childish and immature towards them and turn against Osman.

When her brother Batur Alp was killed by Alisar Bey (who had killed him in order to start a feud between Dundar and Osman) and blames Osman with the murder, Aygul along with her family thought Osman as the murderer and Aygul swears to avenge her brother. On the other hand, when Osman tries to open Dundar's eyes regarding the real murderer of his son Batur he asks Aygul to help but in her anger towards him and her envy towards Bala she betrays him and marries Alisar, (without knowing the fact of him being her brother's real murderer) in order to take revenge on Osman.

However, Alisar and her relationship did not go on well as Alisar was greedy and used her politically. He often used to beat and insult her. In the end when Alisar confesses of murdering her brother, Aygul could not tolerate the disgrace she brought on herself by marrying her brother's murderer in spite of her envy and therefore turns into a schizophrenic. Her condition was more worsened when her mother was killed by her step-mother Hazal Hatun in front of her eyes. From that moment onwards, Aygul vows to avenge her mother. But her mental condition made her unable to survive in the tribe after she killed her best friend Burcin in spite of her anger and therefore she left the tribe by the end of the season with her aunt Selcan Hatun.

Season Two[]

In the second season, Aygul returns to Kayi tribe after a year and half with Selcan Hatun as a very changed person, she returns with being an Alp and a strong female warrior adept in swordsmanship and combat. Drowned in regret of her misdeeds she did with Bala and Osman she now vows to help and support Osman by being his Alp (warrior) and it was revealed that Aygul now has a son from Alisar. Aygul dislikes her own son as it reminds her of her disgraceful past. Though she is urged by Selcan to act sane and to own her son but Aygul stays firm to avenge her mother by killing Hazal.

Osman plans to raid Kulucahisar castle after Aya Nikola takes back the castle conquered by him in season 1. He takes his closest Alps Boran Alp and Goktug Alp at night to raid the castle but Aygul joins them uninvited despite Osman's reluctance. At the castle she shows her great ability with combat and sword and even saves Osman from an arrow by getting wounded herself. She comes out of the castle alive with Osman and his Alps and is therefore known as Aygul Ghazi.

Eventually witnessing her changed attitude and her abilities Osman accepts her as one of his Alps. When she tells him about her son (whom she hides from everyone in the tribe), Osman also urges her to own her son rather than considering him as a disgrace of her past. And therefore, in order to build her lost self-respect among the tribe, Osman owns her son as his nephew and names him Kayi Alp.

Aygul also helped Osman to reconquer his lost castle of Kulucahisar. She also stays under Selcan's stewardship and keeps an eye on the tribal and political matters of the tribe. She even supports Osman against her own father. Her greater ability with being a warrior also scares her step-mother Hazal Hatun as she had attempted many times to injure or to kill her, therefore Hazal tries to stay away from her. She is also now great friends with Bala and Gonca hatun and thinks of Selcan hatun as her own mother. Being a brave warrior that she is she got mad at a Mongol named Cerkutay who is now on Osman’s side and put her dagger on his throat upon finding him eating from the cooking pot. At this moment Cerkutay fell in love with Aygul.