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Aybars is the son of Bamsi, one of the alps of Kayı Tribe. As you know, he was also in the TV series Diriliş Ertuğrul, and his childhood was played by Enes Göçmen at that time. As it was spoken, Enes Göçmen took the role of Aybars in the series Diriliş Ertuğrul and Serhan Onat in the TV series Establishment Osman.

Aybars in the series of Resurrection Ertugrul[]

In the series, Aybars did not want to be an alp, on the contrary, he wanted to show up in the field of science, but his preparation for Alpine with the force of Bamsi was one of the main issues about Aybars. In the last season, Aybars was kidnapped by the Byzantines. Bamsı, on the other hand, lost his anger and broke the Ertuğrul Bey plan.

Aybars in the series of Establishment Osman[]

In the establishment Osman series, Aybars grew up and became Alp, albeit by force. Aybars Osman Bey became a weapon and managed to appear in many wars. This time, the girl that Aybars will marry, Burçin Hatun also appears. While everything is fine, while the people in the camp are living happily-ever-after, the conflict between Byzantines and Kayı Obas begins again and Aybars is one of those who fought in this war.

At the end, when the marriage of Aybars is in question, Aybars's body is removed from the fight and buried. Bamsı, on the other hand, says the following words in the burial: "Bamsı is now the Martyr Father!" This word hurts many people. However, it happened. Aybars was martyred.

Aybars character does not appear again because he fell martyr in the 1st episode. After a few episodes, it is reported that Burçin Hatun betrayed Kayı Obas. Because Burçin Hatun shot Bamsı Bey from behind with an arrow. This has affected Bamsı Bey very badly. After that, the subject of Burçin Hatun was closed for Bamsı.

On the other hand, the identity of the Byzantine who martyred Aybarsı was revealed. His name is Salvador. While Salvador is a Christian who does not like Turks and is devoted to his religion, Bamsi wants Salvador to be a Muslim in order to be good when he cannot stand the evil he did so much when he captured him. Bamsı accepts this and cuts Salvador's hair and makes him a Muslim. The name of Salvador has also changed. His name is Siddiq. Sıddık is now a soldier of Kayı Obası. However, after a few episodes, he was martyred and buried.