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Aya Nikola was a Byzantine commander, serving under the Roman Empire as the Governer (Tekfur Nikola) of the castle of Inegol. Erkan Avcı gave life to this character.

In the Establishment: Osman[]

Aya Nikola appears in the second season of the series as a proud and active commander of the Roman Empire.

Nikola only dreams of expelling the Turks out of the western borders of Anatolia, as he believed the lands belong to the Romans.


Aya Nikola hails from the royal Roman family and was raised in Constantinople. He is shown greatly inspired from Julius Caeser and carries his sculpture with himself, with whom he talks and shares his plans. Nikola was highly ambitious and wishes to be the next Julius Caeser in future. Nikola was a talented sculptor and is cool-minded and level-headed commander. He also earned the title 'Tekfur of Tekfurs'.

Season One[]

Nikola does not appear in the first season of the series, but his name was mentioned in the end of the series by Princess Sophia.

Season Two[]

By the start of the series, After Osman comes out victorious in the battle with Byzantine Governor Alexis at the Castle of Inegol, Nikola is commanded by the Royal Council of the Byzantine Empire to leave for Sogut and deal with the Turks under the Principality of the Kayi tribe. Nikola in order to fulfill the assigned mission asks for complete authority of the Byzantine over the borders and also demands for the release of the Byzantinr prisoner Flatyos whom he would take with himself to carry out the mission.

Nikola reaches the lands of the western borders now owned by the Principality of the Kayi Tribe under Ertugrul Ghazi except the Castle of Inegöl (Inegol Kallesi) where Nikola resides as the new Tekfur (land-lord/Governor ) by himself killing the defeated predecessor land lord Alexis. The first thing Nikola does is to approach Ertugrul Bey at the Kayi tribe to pay the penalty in return for the captives that the Turks had taken after their victory.

In order to take the Christian majority on the lands at his side, Nikola reduces the taxes in the town Inegol and encourage the people to stand against the Turks. Nikola assigns his commander Flatyos to spread a plague across the city of Sogut using rats. Dundar Bey who was assigned as an administrator/head of the city of Sogut, notices the spreading plague and started taking precautionary measures.

Nikola then secretly orders the gun powder explosives from India and Mongolia to explode the city of Sogut, but much to his misfortune his "deaf" cook who happens to be one of Osman's spies in the city of Inegol, informs Bala Hatun and Nikola's caravan bringing the explosives was successfully raided by Saru Batu Savci Bey who then hides the explosives in the dungeons of the city of Sogut. When Nikola and Flatyos realized about their plan getting sabotaged, Flatyos sent his special people to explode the dungeons of sogut. Successfully this time the city burns by killing many innocents by the plague and many by the explosion. To avenge the city ruins, Savci Bey killed the people sent by Flatyos.

In order to prove himself innocent, Nikola signs a Peace Treaty with the Kayis, the treaty carries a clause based on the Qasaas (eye for an eye) agreement for the security of the Byzantines and the Turks on the borders. After the treaty was signed by both parties, Flatyos plots a scheme by enraging Goktug Alp and making him beat one of the Byzantine soldier, while later Flatyos kills the knight himself thus blaming Goktug of the murder and demanding his death based on the recently signed agreement. Goktug is put to dungeons, but understanding Nikola's deliberate plotting, Ertugrul Bey lets Goktug to escape from the dungeons and threatens Nikola resulting in the abolishment of the treaty

When the Kayis fall in odds with Gaykhatu Khan, Nikola takes advantage of the situation and reconquers the Castle Kulucahisar (Conquered by Osman in the first season) and taking the Turks citizens as captives. When the Kayis learn of the incident, Osman reaches Nikola at Kulucahisar with his Alps, for paying ransom to free the captives but upon Nikola's stubbornness, Osman takes Flatyos as his captive, beats his Soldiers and frees the kayi captives in exchange for Flatyos, thus turning Nikola mad.

For avenging his humiliation, Nikola now blackmails Targun Hatun by abducting her father and her tribe, and installs her as his spy in the Kayi tribe despite her reluctance to betray the Turks. However, this time Osman pledges to once again attack Nikola at night in the Castle of Kulucahisar. But Targun overhears Osman in the tribe and informs Nikola, Nikola prepares to ambush Osman this time in the castle. But much to his dismay, Osman had already taken the precautions very closely and attacks Nikola in the most unexpected way by piercing a half knife into his heart. Osman then escapes the castle narrowly with his Alps and Aygul Hatun leaving behind the wounded and humiliated Nikola.

Nikola now swears to take his revenge by sending Flatyos and Cerkutay to once again explode the city of Sogut, as well as, Nikola invites Dundar Bey and Saru Batu Savci Bey for another peace agreement while intending to kill both of them publicly to bring back his lost honor among the people. Upon learning his plans, Osman sabotages his plan in Sogut and captures Flatyos and Cerkutay. On the other hand, Osman once again enters the Castle of Kulucahisar for the third time to rescue his uncle and elder brother from being killed. While doing so, he explodes a gas in the castle's courtyard and kills Nikola's soldiersand while rescuing the captives.

Nikola now humiliated and ruined in front of his people, sends word to Geykhatu regarding Osman’s stubbornness. In response Geykhatu threatens The Turks and the byzantines to agree for mutual peace or otherwise he would raid the Turk tribes and Byzantine castles, moreover he asks Yavlak Arsalan to conduct a negotiation regarding the issue. Meanwhile Osman had already decided to take back his conquered castle from Nikola and installed two of his closest Alps in the castle of Kulucahisar as spies, without Nikola knowing. On the other hand, Nikola further blackmails now a reluctant Targun with her father and asks her to kill Osman. But Targun who was already in suspicion in the tribe confesses her reality to Osman.

Upon receiving Gaykhatu’s order to establish peace with Nikola, Osman manipulates Nikola by agreeing to come to the peace negotiation at Yavlak’s place. On the other hand, Nikola who wanted to kill Osman before any negotiations could be proceeded installs Flatyos to kill Osman on his way to Yavlak’s place. At the day of negotiations, Nikola reaches Yavlak’s place before Osman, but much to his misfortune, Osman reconquers the castle behind his back with his army. The news reaches Nikola as a disaster and he rushes back to the castle of Inegol, this time more defeated than ever before.

Nikola seeking an opportunity to avenge himself, comes to know about Osman and Yavlak’s alliance and their plan to kill Gayhatu together, and informs Geykhatu before Osman could succeed, thus resulting in Osman being ambushed by Geykhatu’s armies. On the other hand, Nikola orders Targun to poison everybody in the tribe, but much to his dismay Targun Hatun reveals this to Osman who then ambushes Nikola using Targun. Nikola is injured badly by Bamsi Bey but escapes narrowly while Savci Bey abducts his friend Flatyos in the ambush.

Days later after regaining his strength, he receives guests from the Pope from Italy, who asked for his help to deal with the Turks, at first Nikola stays reluctant but after they help Flatyos to escape the Kayi’s captivity with the help of Idris (already working as a trader in the Tribe), Nikola allies with the Papal spies to deal with Osman.

After Osman is elected as the new Bey of the Kayi Principality, Nikola invites Dundar Bey and urges him to betray Osman. On the other hand Osman arranges headquarter meeting will all the chieftains of other tribe at Sogut, but before these chieftains could reach Sogut, Flatyos murders them on Nikola’s orders and sends their corpses to Osman to undermine his reputation among people. After the incident Osman swears upon taking his revenge for the sake of his lost reputation and his people. Meanwhile Nikola receives word from the Byzantine Emperor who appoints him as the Governor of all the Byzantine Castles in the Empire, as well as, the Emperor sends one of the best Byzantine battalion from Constantinople for Nikola's aid. However when Osman receives the news of the battalion from one of his spies working in the castle, he ambushes the Byzantine soldiers in the worst way possible on their way from Constantinople to Inegol, by burning most of them alive and sending their corpses to Nikola. After so many battles, and Beyhoca (Savci's son) being martyred, Nikola learning devastatedly that Flatyos has been murdered, Nikola promises to avenge him. Meanwhile he finds his new allies, Kalanoz and Togay. However, in Battle of Dominica, both Kalanoz and Savci meet their end. Togay, on the other hand, is tricked by Osman and has to defend Turks' tribesmen and Beys; he leaves Nikola. From this trickery plan, Togay and Nikola decide to face each other, which could have helped Osman win the war and defeat both of them, but Umur Bey tries to ruin and mess up everything by helping Nikola in war, because he has to repay him, since his daughter Malhun attacked Nikola with their soldiers. Fortunately, Sheikh Edebali ends the conflict between Umur and Osman. However, Umur Bey assures Nikola that this time, he would ally with him and defeat Togay, yet Nikola betrays Umur by revealing the attack of Turks on Mongols to Togay. Umur Bey's tribe is destroyed and he's devastated for his actions. He then admits his mistake and tells Togay that Osman wasn't involved in this, hence he shan't be harmed. He accepts to risk his life and almost died, until Osman saved him and reminded Togay about peace that they made before. Umur Bey is saved. On the other hand, Nikola wants to create further conflict between Turks and Mongols. Togay then forced Nikola to help him defeat Osman, but he wasn't too sure. Being devastated in thought about whether to battle or not, Gunduz meets him and tells than Togay is a rebel of Mongol Ilkhanate state, so if Nikola helps Togay, then there would be Mongols VS Byzantines. Nikola then betrays Togay and sits in his castle celebrating 'victory' for not losing a single soldier and causing chaos between Ilkhanate and Ottomans.

However, he's becoming weak and losing his power time by time, so Emperor's son Michael IX called him and gave last chance (because Emperor said so), followed by giving him last mission about the battle between Byzantines and Seljuks. The plan is, to stop paying Seljuks (Turks) taxes and to attack them and get their land back, so Nikola appointed all Tekfurs and discussed about it. Everyone agreed, except for Tekfur Leo, who told Nikola's evil secrets to Osman. Also, Goktug is falling love into Zoe, who is actually Nikola's spy. They know that this would bring Mongols in between to fight, but they risked it, since if Nikola loses the battle, he would lose his head from Emperor. He then orders every governor to stop paying taxes, and Tekfur Atnos and Macedonian commander, Dukas, join to fight with him, against Seljuks and Ottomans, but the Turks retreated and so did they. Sultan had to return to Konya to save his throne against Karamanids, and this determined the Byzantines, but they ended up losing, because of Osman's clever plan and formation in the battle. Dukas, Atnos, Yason and rest of the soldiers taste the wrath of Ottomans and die, while Nikola barely survives with Helen and returns to castle. The Emperor could have taken his head by now, but nevertheless, Nikola gets bounded with Emperor and deserves a chance, because he realizes that Osman is such a powerful soldier and a leader to establish a state. Nikola calls out for help from his allies, who will soon be showed in Season 3

Written by: Ottoman Fandom Wiki staff

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