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Akça Derviş is one of the devout dervishes who grew up in the bright light of Sheikh Edebali and learned life. The role of Akça Derviş is the famous Turkish actor Abedin Yerebakan.

In the Establishment:Osman[]

Akça Derviş is one of the wise, intelligent and bright scholars and devout people of Kayı Tribe.

He is one of the dervishes of Sheikh Edebali, and with his superior intelligence, faith, love of righteousness and keeping his way, he won the heart of Sheikh Edebali and became a close friend. Sheikh Edebali behaves with him like a great friend and true companion and gives him advice.

In the second part of the first season of the series, Osman and his alps ride a horse and travel. This time an arrow falls with them. Then a horseman comes out of the forests. These were Akça Derviş and his horsemen. Alps do not recognize them and therefore try to attack. "Alps!" and stops them. Osman says to Akça Derviş:""Why do you shoot arrows at us but you come across without weapons? Are you friends or enemies?" Akça Derviş tells him: "We have a duty to take you to what you are looking for." And then Bala Hatun comes and faces Osman. Akça Derviş reunites Bala Hatun and Osman. Even though Osman Bey had a little disappointment before this, he learned that the person who saved him was not a Christian, but that he was a Turkish descendant, an Islamic descendant.

After a few episodes, Sheikh Edebali Akça Dervish takes him with him and they chat. This time, Sheikh Edebali gives radiant advice. Advice is paramount to him. When Sheikh Edebali talks about how the Prophet Muhammad conquered Mecca, he says that it is important to be patient. "Docket, the end of the night is the day, the end of the winter is the spring, the end of the slope is flat, Akça. Those who do not endure disasters cannot achieve their goals."